Volunteer project "Just as precious"

...Do you want to be a volunteer?
...Do you want to bring a smile to the faces of the suffering?
...Do you want to do something useful with your free time?
...Do you want to make new friends?

The project "Just as precious" gives you a chance for all that!
You don't need experience - just a great heart!

The project was created in partnership with the National Authority for the Protection of Child's Rights and the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti and it is intended for students and young people in general. During the project, there are various organized activities at the beneficiary centres and there are also training meetings. The project runs its course during an university year.

Beneficiary Centres:
• Centrul de Plasament Complexul de Servicii Comunitare "Sf. Andrei" Ploieşti;
• Centrul de Primire în Regim de Urgenţă "Cireşarii" Ploieşti;
• Centrul de Recuperare şi Reabilitare pentru Persoane Adulte cu Handicap cu Sindromul Down Câmpina.

• promoting a volunteer spirit among young people from Ploiesti;
• raising awareness of the needs of disabled people and/or the needs of the poor and the oppressed.

(If you're interested in this project send your résumé at the above email address.)


"Just as precious!" is...
... an extraordinary project which expands your horizon about the people around you.
... a project where you discover that also children with special needs can be happy and openhearted.

I felt myself fulfilled...
... by the children's reactions, by their look, their hugs and their joy.
... by the fact that I had the opportunity to help some people that I'd never thought I would work with.

The children from the centres are...
... souls whose brightness can not be seen by the people around them. Sometimes we have to look at them more carefully.
... extraordinary, they are role models in life and they offer us unconditional love.
... innocent and they deserve to be respected.

I have learned...
... that an apparently insignificant thing hides an unsuspected quality, full of essence.
... that we need time in order to get to know the children from the centres because there are a lot of things to discover about them; they can have unexpected and amazing skills.
... that we should not disrespect the people around us.
... that it's in my power to make someone happy.
... that each person is special.
... that each child is precious and special just as us – even if his/her behaviour or appearance is different from ours.
... about myself that I am able to cross some barriers such as fear of the unknown.
... that each person is precious no matter how insignificant he/she seems to be.
... that the existence of these children makes us more sensitive.
... that I have to enjoy more what I have.
... to discover myself and look differently at the world.

What I found to be the most difficult thing about this project was...
... to communicate with the children, because I haven't always managed to understand what they wanted from me.

I believe that...
... this experience will help me to accept the ones that are different from me.
... in this world there are persons with special needs whom are much more optimistic, loving and happier than us.
... you can learn how to be happy while thinking about the joy of others and not only about yourself.
... for a better world, each of us should be open for change.