FTC is...

- a project which challenges high school students to spend their free time in a creative, useful and healthy way;
- a project where young people learn how to work in teams and learn how to appreciate and respect themselves and others.
(Students' point of view:)
- a place for making friends, where we can discover our abilities and we learn how to appreciate each other;
- a beautiful process of learning new things, discovering our talents and relaxing;
- a series of extracurricular activities which expand our horizon;
- an opportunity to learn new things about myself and others
- the space, the time and a group of people who encourage me to rise above the hard times of my life and replace my problems with much more valuable things;
- the best club ever, because you get to learn more than you imagined

A few examples of activities:

Hand-making postcards and jewelry, games, horseback riding, mountaineering, working in teams, debating, going out on the town and many others.

The project takes place weekly during student free time.


Contact and details:


"We have learned to... give thanks, appreciate, make postcards, brush up our creativity, ride a horse, climb, be brave, try more often to do more than we are used to, be more often ourselves than someone else and let the others be themselves as well without being afraid. We have learned about friendship, about labelling the others without realizing it and without a reason. Thank you for teaching us how to be ourselves. "(CNILC)