D3 Generations Association

The D3 Generations Association is a non-governmental and non-profit organization from Ploiesti, Romania, established in 2006.

The Association's goal is personal development, especially for young people in the most important life areas: intellectual, physical and spiritual.

Some of our aims are:
• offering support to young people by training and ongoing guidance in personal development awareness and life skills;
• developing civic spirit, community responsibilities and intercultural communication;
• increasing the level of confidence and appreciation for the communities where the Association will take action;
• organizing conferences, camps, training seminars, cultural, educational, social and economical programs.

The Association has developed multiple projects co-operating with various institutions.

Activities taking place:

Volunteer project "Just as precious!" - a project in partnership with the National Authority for the Protection of Child's Rights. The purpose is promoting the volunteer spirit among young people from Ploiesti and raising their awareness of the needs of disabled people and/or the needs of the poor and the oppressed.

FreeTimeClub - a club where the attendees are challenged to spend their free time in a very diverse way, attending all sorts of creative, sporting and social activities. They are also challenged to develop their skills, to socialize with the people around them, to work in teams, to discover, as well as to learn how to appreciate and respect themselves and others.

As an Association, we are open and ready to develop new projects that support young people's needs.